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4 Foods That Could Damage Your Hair

4 Foods That Could Damage Your Hair

If you have been following the Ultimate Hair Dynamics blog, you know that nutrition is a vital part of preventing hair loss. We have written about foods that you should incorporate in your diet, but what are the foods that could damage your hair?


For the amount of carrots Bugs Bunny has eaten, he should be saying, “What’s up Doc” to the professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. That’s because too many carrots can lead to thinning hair. Carrots are a high source of vitamin A, which if consumed in large quantities, could lead to hair loss.

Raw Fish/Swordfish

Nothing is quite like a delicious roll of raw sushi. However, next time you go for sushi or fish for that matter, you may want to look for a cooked option. That’s because sushi and other types of ocean-based fish could contain mercury. Mercury, even in low doses, could lead to thinning hair.

High Sodium Foods

Salt has become one of the most popular additives to foods. It is found in nearly everything. However, too much salt or sodium can lead to dehydration in the body. Dehydration can leave your hair feeling brittle, and potentially lead to breaking. Try limiting your sodium intake, especially if you are already experiencing hair loss.

Fried Foods

Fried, fatty foods can lead to an increase in oil production in the body and skin. This can often times become an irritant to your scalp. The result could be very unsatisfactory. Irritants to the scalp can often damage the hair follicles. Damaged hair follicles can cause hair to break or even fall out.

Now that we went over the foods that could damage your hair, you can read what foods you should consume. If you are worried about the health and well being of your hair, Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego could help. We provide hair loss solutions for people whose hair is thinning in San Diego.

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