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4 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

4 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a frightening process. Whether you have been undergoing the process or have the potential to undergo it, it is always best to be a step ahead. Here are 8 ways you can potentially prevent hair loss.

Number 1: Start to detox

By eliminating common vices like tobacco, alcohol and coffee, you could see an improvement in your hair’s health. Both alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate the body, which could result in hair loss. That’s because one quarter of the hair strand is made up of water. Simultaneously, alcohol and caffeine products can deplete the body of iron and zinc. Cigarettes also contain toxins that accelerate hair loss and premature greying.

Number 2: Drink more tea

In addition to detoxing, adding tea into your fluid regimen could see an improvement in your hair’s health, while preventing hair loss. Green teas, along with saw palmetto and stinging nettle tea contain dihydroestosterone inhibiting ingredients. Swapping coffee for green tea could help you notice an improvement of your hair health.

Number 3: Change Your Diet

As we have mentioned before, there are certain vitamins and nutrients that will help the strength of your hair. The common American diet contains high amounts of protein, fat and salt. This combination can cause the body to become an acidic environment, causing premature hair loss.

Foods that are iron-rich like red meats and dark green vegetables help ferritin levels. This helps speed up the hair growth cycle. Iron also provides oxygen to the hair follicles, which aid growth. You should also incorporate omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. These facilitate production and activation of hormones, as well as oily lubricants that help healthy scalps and hair follicles.

Overall, eating whole foods like organics, eggs, spinach and salmon are best for hair health. These can provide vitamins like C, D and B12, all of which help premature hair loss.

Number 4: Visit Ultimate Hair Dynamics for Hair Restoration

Numbers one through four are all proactive ways in which you can prevent hair loss. However, some people need some extra help. You can schedule a free consultation over the phone at (888) 886-427 or online by visiting our contact page. We offer San Diego residents a variety of hair restoration services including:

  • Hair restoration
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Surgical hair transplantation

In our upscale environment, you will gain access to discrete and professional cutting-edge hair restoration services. Seeing a hair restoration professional will help those who have aggressive hair loss. The professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego will be able to assess the extent of your hair loss, and determine what form of hair restoration treatment will best fit your needs.

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