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7 Tips for Restoring Thinning Hair to Good Health

When looking for hair restoration options, people often search for things they can do at home as well as services that can offer some help. A combination of professional treatments and positive lifestyle changes can help give you back your full head of hair. Here are some options and tips if you are trying to thicken up your hair.

Check Your Diet

This is an easy thing you can do on your own to improve your hair health. Healthy hair thrives on protein, B12, iron, and zinc. Make sure your diet is full of these nutrients by eating lean meats, nuts, leafy greens, beans, and fatty fish. Also, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Hair Integration

Hair integration is a great non-surgical option for hair enhancement that adds real strands of hair to your existing hair. This helps a thinning head of hair look fuller and healthier.

During this process, a mesh covering is fitted to your head’s shape and additional hair is attached to the mesh so it blends right in with your natural hair. This is perfect for women who don’t want to get rid of their existing hair but want to enhance its appearance. The result of hair integration is much better than a wig or a hairpiece.

At-Home Scalp Massage

Giving your scalp a massage will increase the blood flow to the hair follicles, which holds several potential benefits. When you are massaging for thinning hair, rub, knead, and apply pressure to the scalp with your fingertips and hands. Massaging the scalp will also help you to relax and reduce any feelings of stress.

Kneading the scalp warms the skin and begins to open up the blood vessels. The resulting increased blood flow allows the hair follicles to have an increased nutrient intake. The rubbing induces feelings of relaxation and helps reduce stress. This creates more efficiency for the body, which enhances the ability for hair to grow.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be treated as your natural hair is. They can be rolled, ironed, colored, and dried along with your own hair. There are several advantages to getting hair extensions. First, they cover up split ends. This helps alleviate any worry you have of current damage that is done to your hair.

Also, you can choose the length of your hair. If you want to add over a foot of hair, it is just as easy as keeping it the same length. Your natural hair will continue to grow while the extensions are in as well, so you can get longer hair immediately while waiting for your natural hair to catch up.

Extensions also add a lot of volume to your hair, which will make it more versatile when you are styling it.

Hair Duplication

This scientifically advanced treatment is ideal for pattern baldness in men and women. During this process, medical specialists take some of your healthy hair follicles and implant them into areas that are balding areas. This helps return healthy follicles to the areas of your skin that are no longer producing them.

Surgical Hair Transplantation

To be able to receive surgical hair transplants, you have to have some healthy hair growing at the back and sides of your head. This hair is then used to transplant grafts to areas that are no longer growing hair. There are multiple techniques that are used for this procedure, which typically depends on the patient.

There are several options if you feel as if your hair is thinning and you want to add volume or length. It is best to consult a professional in order to figure out the best option for your hair.

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