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Add Volume to Your Thinning Hair

Add Volume to Your Thinning Hair

When your hair starts to thin, getting spruced up can make you feel insecure. It can seem like no matter how you style your hair, it ends up looking lackluster. Here are a few tips that could create volume to your thinning hair.

  • Using a brush or comb, lightly tease the roots of your hair. This allows a platform for your hair to sit higher on your head. It will create the illusion that you have fuller hair. Your hair will appear lush with body.
  • You can also add texture to your hair. Gently scrunch your hair with your hands as you blow-dry. This will increase a natural texture. While doing this, avoid defining your part. Let the hair fall where it naturally wants, in order to maximize the volume at the roots.
  • One way you can switch up blow-drying is to blow-dry upside down. Turn your head upside down while you blow-dry. This is an easy trick to boost your tresses’ body. Do this until your hair is nearly dry, then put your head straight to finish off the style.

Ultimately, adding volume through styling is only a temporary way to cover up possibly thinning hair. If you really want to take care of the problem, you should see the hair restoration experts at Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego. We offer several hair loss solutions for both men and women. This can help prevent hair loss, and possibly regrow hair.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics: San Diego’s Solution to Hair Loss

There’s no reason to live with hair loss when there is a solution. For over thirty years, Ultimate Hair Dynamics has been adapting to the changing world offering the most current hair restoration solutions. We provide services for men and women like:

  • Hair extensions
  • Hair restoration
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Surgical hair transplantation

We invite you to come in for a free-consultation. You will be greeted warmly in our upscale environment. One of our hair restoration experts will be able to determine the extent of your hair loss, as well as suggest a plan of action through various treatment options.

If you are tired of living with thinning or balding hair, contact Ultimate Hair Dynamics. We look forward to helping those of you in San Diego who are suffering from hair loss. Call us today at 888.886.4247 or book an appointment online!

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