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Basil might be good for more than just your pasta dishes. The leaf has been known throughout history to have high-antioxidants levels, as well as essential oils. These have been used in cultures like India to promote anti-aging, as well as anti-cancer fighting properties. A European biotech company, Mibelle Biochemistry has been studying the hair root culture from basil to learn about its hair loss properties. During a clinical trial, it was shown to help improve hair proliferation by 23 percent in the first month. After the second month, the extract showed 31 percent increased proliferation.

Apparently, the root helps inhibit 5a reductase II, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. It then stimulates the dermal cells, ultimately promoting hair growth. The company recently promoted its findings at a cosmetic event in Barcelona.

Now before you go putting pesto on your head, keep in mind that this is new research. Whether or not it will work for all people is unclear. However, you could look in the ingredients of your hair products to see if they have any basil extract. At best, this could help restore your hair. At worst, you’ll have fresh smelling hair.

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