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One of the reasons some people lose hair is due to an issue with their hair growth cycle. An interruption in one of these phases can cause a more abnormal amount of hair loss than usual. Today, we’ll look at the hair growth cycle and how it determines hair growth.

Every follicle of hair on your head goes through one of three phases during the hair cycle. The first of which is the Anagen phase. This is more commonly known as the growth phase. This can last two to three years. This is when the hair is actually growing.

The following step in the hair growth cycle is the Catagen phase. This is better known as the resting phase. Hair is no longer growing, but is still attached to your head. This phase lasts roughly around 100 days. It leads up the to the last phase, the Telogen phase.

The Telogen phase, better known as the shedding phase, is when the hair actually falls out of your head. At a given time, normally only 4 to 5 percent of your hair is in this phase. Meanwhile, another 5 to 6 percent are in the resting phase, and the majority of your hair is in the growth phase.

Telogen Effluvium can throw this cycle for a loop, shortening the growth cycle. This is marked by a large amount of hair loss at one time. This can be caused by medication, stress, vitamin deficiencies as well as hormonal imbalance.

If you are experiencing this or any other type of hair loss, you may consider seeing a hair restoration professional. In San Diego, Ultimate Hair Dynamics provides expert hair restoration advice and services.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics, San Diego’s Hair Restoration Experts

When you call Ultimate Hair Dynamics, you can schedule a free-consultation. One of our expert hair restoration professionals will evaluate your hair, determine the type of hair loss you are experiencing and provide options of treatment. These can include hair restoration services like:

  • Micro thickening
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair duplication
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Nonsurgical hair transplantation
  • Surgical hair transplantation

These or a combination of a few may be able to treat your hair loss. To better understand how Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help you, call us today to speak with our friendly staff. We look forward to hearing from you.

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