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Many people who are experiencing a medical issue tend to try a more natural way of treatment. This has brought the rise of “nutraceuticals,” natural remedies for medical ailments. This is as true with hair loss as any other condition. One potential solution may come the way of the beet.

Beetroot contains both betalain and carotenoid. These have detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, which may be useful for conditions like alopecia. Beetroot are filled with other great nutrients like iron, protein, Vitamin B6 and folic acid. All of which contribute to healthier hair.

More research still has to be done, but incorporating beetroot into your daily regimen may be able to help your hair loss. Beetroot also has other health benefits for circulation and heart health. This increase in blood flow could help the hair growth cycle.

Dietary changes are just one of the ways you can help reduce your hair loss. Other forms of hair restoration are equally important for people who are losing their hair. In San Diego, Ultimate Hair Dynamics provides men and women hair restoration treatments which provide hair loss solutions.

See Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego for Hair Restoration

When you schedule a free-consultation, one of Ultimate Hair Dynamics hair restoration experts will be able to assess the causes of your hair loss. They will then evaluate the extent of your situation as well as provide hair loss solution options. These include hair restoration treatments like:

  • Hair extensions
  • Non-surgical hair transplants
  • Hair restoration
  • Surgical hair transplants

These, as well as other hair restoration treatments, can help restore the appearance of fuller, healthy hair. Start today by calling Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego. One of our friendly staff will schedule your consultation where you can start getting answer to restoring your hair.

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