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How You Can Damage Your Hair

How you treat your hair is important if you want it to look its best. Yet, there are many ways in which you can damage your hair. Today, we’ll look at some of the common forms of hair damage that can be easily prevented.

UV Damage

Getting too much sun exposure is bad for your hair. Excessive UV rays to the scalp can leave it dry and make hair follicles weak. This can cause some hair to fall out. It is extremely important to cover up when you are outside, no matter your age.


Do you love to style your hair? Using heating instruments too frequently can damage your hair. Having heating instruments on high heat can fry your hair, making it brittle. You can prevent this by minimizing the amount of time you use heating instruments and when you do choose to use them, simply put them on a lower setting.


Stress can do many harmful things to your body. One of which is damage your hair. If you are too stressed out and your hormones change, you can start to experience hair loss. Finding ways to properly handle stress in your life is one way to prevent this from occurring.

If you are experiencing hair loss and live in San Diego, consult the hair restoration experts at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. We treat men and women who are experiencing undesired hair loss.

Hair Restoration in San Diego from Ultimate Hair Dynamics

If you are around the greater San Diego, schedule a free-consultation at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. One of our hair restoration experts will be able to evaluate the condition of your hair loss and provide a path of treatment. This includes hair restoration services like:

  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Micro thickening
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair duplication
  • Hair integration
  • Surgical hair transplantation

These and other hair restoration services could help get your hair looking its best again. Contact us today to learn how Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help you.

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