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Caring for Thinning Hair: 6 Tips to Combat Hair Breakage

You’re aware of the solutions for restoring your head of hair to its former glory. But what about helping to prevent hair breakage in the first place? It’s sometimes difficult to discern the reasoning behind some people’s hair loss. When all tests come back normal and there is no dominant genetic trait for hair loss, it might at least help to lessen how much hair you lose on a regular basis. You may even slow down your hair loss process enough that it will give your scalp time enough to recover and begin to grow back new hairs.

Hair Mask Products and DIY Solutions

Hair salves, or hair masks as they’re often called, are a hair care product that can be added to your regimen to help reduce the possibility of hair breakage. The way these salves work is by providing strengthening bonding agents to each strand using ingredients that are good for the hair. Lots of people distrust some of the harder to pronounce ingredients found in large numbers on the back of the label, which leads them to create their own hair salves at home.

While there may not be extensive research to show the effectiveness of a lot of these homemade hair masks, it’s likely that they’re a lot safer to use on your hair long term than manufactured hair masks. Since you do know exactly what kinds of ingredients you’re exposing to your head, such as coconut oil or honey, you can take heart in knowing that even if it does nothing to help it will also do nothing to hurt either.

Avoid Damage from Over Processing

It’s fun to alter your hair’s natural color as a means of self-expression. That being said, it’s important not to overdo it when it comes to exposing highly abrasive chemicals to your hair repeatedly. When you don’t give your hair enough time to heal itself between dying sessions, you’re causing damage that ultimately leads to “frying” your hair’s natural texture. Especially when the dye includes numerous bleaching sessions, your scalp is being introduced to a great deal of strain. This ultimately leads to hair loss or even bald spots, and in extreme cases, hair is slow to grow back if it does at all. Next time you go to the salon for a dye appointment or get a cheap kit from the store, take all the measures necessary to prevent the possibility of irreversible damage.

Heat Exposure

Hair breakage from heat damage happens most commonly from flat ironing or curling the hair on a regular basis. Without heat protecting sprays or proper before and after care, your hair will eventually become damaged and it may lead to hair breakage and split ends. Another way that heat damages the hair is actually from taking steaming hot showers. Even though steam is great for opening the pores, the heat from the water dehydrates the strands on the hair. Instead of cranking the heat to such a high temperature, try going for hot enough instead. In the very least, it’s recommended that hair is washed in lower temperature water, due to the damage that can be caused by excessive heat exposure. Especially if you shower daily or more than once per day.

Revitalize Using Healthy Oils

For those who have oily or combination skin, this might sound like a big no-no. The oil that forms on your skin is very different. Certain healthy, light oils that can be used to extend the health of your hair. Jojoba and Argan oil can be used in place or in addition to your usual conditioner. You can run these oils through your hair, leave it in for thirty or so minutes, and rinse them. This will help to add strength. You can also use them as a leave-in conditioner. Just run a little oil from the tips up to your roots after you shower.

Loosen Up Your Style

Tight hairstyles are a major culprit in hair loss. You can lose quite a bit of hair when your scalp is under strain on a regular basis. To do so every day may be what’s causing some thinning or hair breakage. Try evening out the amount of times per week you wear your hair tight to help your scalp relax.

Diet and Well Being

By helping the way you feel on the inside, you will inevitably be improving the health of your outer body. Your skin, nails, and hair will see vast improvement from a steady diet and regular exercise. Nutrients are essential to see to the health and longevity of your hair’s natural strength and luster.

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