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Taking care of your hair is important. The more preventative measures you take now, the better your hair could look in the future. Today, we’ll look at some common types of hair damage and ways in which you can prevent them.

Damage by Heat

One of the common ways you can damage your hair is by bringing on the heat. This is caused by many types of hair care tools that are used to style your hair. These include heated instruments like blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners.

Heat damage can cause dryness and frizz in your hair. It can also lead to split ends. You can prevent some heat damage caused to hair by adding a heat protecting serum prior to heating. You should also considering using a conditioning moisturizer on your hair.

Mechanical Damage

Mechanical damage is damage resulting from improper handling of the hair. This type of damage can be caused by aggressive detangling techniques. Other processes that can cause mechanical damage to the hair include tight pony tails, braids and improper application of hair extensions.

In order to prevent this type of hair damage from occurring it is recommended that you handle your hair with care. Be delicate when styling your hair throughout the day. This can help minimize the impact of mechanical hair damage.

Some damage caused to the hair can actually result in some forms of hair loss. Hair loss is common in both men and women and those who are experiencing it must be more mindful of how they are treating their hair. Luckily, there are hair restoration services that help treat hair loss in men and women.

Treat Hair Loss at Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego

If you are living in San Diego or visiting the San Diego area, Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help treat your hair loss. With over thirty years of experience we are experts in hair restoration services. During a free-consultation, one of our qualified experts will assess the type of hair loss you are experiencing and provide options for treatment. These include:

  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Micro thickening
  • Hair duplication
  • Hair integration
  • Surgical hair transplantation

These as well as other methods of hair restoration could give you favorable results in stopping the loss of hair and even promote growth of new hair. If you are tired of losing your hair and want a solution, contact Ultimate Hair Dynamics today!

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