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Damaged Hair Linked to Damaged Teeth

Damaged Hair Linked to Damaged Teeth.

A recent study by Maryland’s US National Institute of Health authored by Dr. Olivier Duverger found certain types of hair keratin is linked to dental enamel. In the study, the team of researchers found that a mutation in Keratin 75 was linked to tooth decay.

If both hair and teeth health correlate to one another, then we should begin to add regular oral hygiene to our preventative hair loss regimen. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research recommend incorporating the use of fluoride toothpaste or fluoride rinse to strengthen teeth. They also recommend limited consumption of high acidic foods and beverages. These include things like sugary foods, soda, fruit juices and coffee.

We here at Ultimate Hair Dynamics, have written previous blogs on diet and nutrition for hair health and aiding hair growth. Incorporating foods that could strengthen tooth enamel, based on the NIH study could help prevent Keratin 75 mutation, which also is associated with hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss, Ultimate Hair Dynamics is here for all your hair restoration needs.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics, the Best in Hair Restoration

Hair loss is never a pleasant experience.  It causes anxiety and a lack of confidence in those who suffer from it. If you are experiencing hair loss, let Ultimate Hair Dynamics help with one of our many hair loss solutions. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair integration
  • Micro thickening
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Hair pieces
  • Surgical hair transplantation

When you visit Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego, you will be greeted in our upscale environment. We always provide care that is discrete and professional. We have been providing satisfied results for over thirty years. You can schedule a free-consultation with one of our hair restoration experts.

Are you tired of the way your thinning or missing hair makes you feel? Do you want that full hair of head that gives you confidence and a rejuvenated look? Then call the hair restoration experts at Ultimate Hair Dynamics at 1-888-886-4247 or book an appointment with us online. We will be able to determine an avenue of treatment that works with your hair loss.

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