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The Internet and media is filled with information about hair restoration. Whether it is DIY tips on YouTube, or the local news discussing the most advanced hair loss solution. Many people are left to wonder, what’s the best hair loss solution?

Understanding Your Situation

Prior to choosing a particular hair loss solution, you must first consider your particular situation. This includes the type of hair loss you are experiencing, what type of treatment you are more open to undergoing and your budget to treat your hair loss. Depending on these factors, you may be better fitted for a specific type of treatment.

Non-surgical versus Surgical hair Restoration

When consider the best hair loss solution for you, you must also think about non-surgical treatments versus surgical hair restoration treatments. This will greatly determine the type of hair loss solution you are choosing, as well as the price you will have to allocate for treatment.

Surgical hair transplantation take patches of hair from one area of the head and surgically grafts them onto the area where the person is experiencing hair loss. This requires some time off from work, because of the nature of the procedure. This could make you consider a non-surgical form of hair restoration.

There are more types of non-surgical hair restoration than surgical hair restoration. This gives patients more options. Some of these include medical hair loss solutions, non-surgical hair transplantation, hair extension as well as others.

To fully understand the best hair loss solution for you, you should consult a hair restoration expert. In San Diego, Ultimate Hair Dynamic provides hair restoration treatments for men and women. Learn how we could help your hair loss.

UHD in San Diego for Hair Loss Solutions

When you schedule a free-consultation with Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego, one of our hair restoration experts will be able to evaluate the condition of your hair. They will then be able to recommend a path of treatment. This includes hair loss solutions like:

  • Micro thickening
  • Hair integration
  • Hair duplication
  • Surgical hair transplantation
  • Medical hair loss solutions

Call us today to learn more about our hair restoration solutions. We look forward to helping residents in and around San Diego get fuller looking hair.

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