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Finasteride Consequences, A Hard Pill to Swallow

Finasteride, the generic of Propecia®, has claimed to work wonders for people who are losing their hair. Unfortunately, distributors of the pill have come under some bad press for falsely reporting the side-effects. Finasteride may have a higher impact of sexual dysfunction than once thought. The most common side-effects reported is sexual dysfunction. This includes loss of erection, lower libido and delayed ejaculation. Finasteride was previously thought to only have an occurrence of these in 2 to 3.8% of users. However, a study by JAMA revealed that in most cases these claims were poorly reported an inaccurate. Propecia® was approved by the FDA in 1997. Finasteride became available as the generic since that time. That means the drug has been used by patients for nearly twenty years. The study in JAMA shows that many of the previous studies on Finasteride failed to report occurrences of sexual toxicity and links to The report found that out of 34 clinical trials, none of them had adequate safety reporting. Only 19 of these were partially adequate. Thus concluding that the toxicity information on the drug is limited and poorly reported. Further study is required. If you are losing your hair and are weighing your options of treatment, schedule a free-consultation with the hair restoration experts at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. We have helped people in San Diego with their hair loss for over thirty years. We could offer you treatment for your hair loss using the safest procedures.

Use Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego for Hair Loss Solutions

Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego cares about what our patients use to treat their hair loss. We want you to be informed as to what you are doing with your body. We provide hair restoration treatments for patients who are losing hair. We treat both men and womens’ hair loss and give you options. Some of the techniques for hair restoration we provide include:

  • Micro thickening
  • Hair integration
  • Hair duplication
  • Non-surgical hair transplants
  • Surgical hair transplants

Our staff will be able to evaluate your hair loss and provide the proper treatment to help you with your thinning hair. If you are losing your hair and looking for help call us today at 1-888-886-4247 or book an appointment online. See what we can do for you.

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