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Four Fantastic Alternatives to Surgical Hair Replacement

For most people, one of the most troublesome aspects of hair loss is not knowing how to tackle the problem. There are many who choose to get surgical hair replacement straight away. However, everyone’s hair loss is different. For that reason, Ultimate Hair Dynamics offers its clients various alternatives to surgical hair replacement. By designing a personalized treatment for each and every client, we ensure they will find the best path to hair restoration available.

We offer our clients only the most advanced treatments and procedures for recovering lost hair. Among them are non-surgical options, each of which adapts itself to the different necessities of every patient. These alternatives to surgical replacement take into account the patient’s type of hair loss as well as their personal desires. Up next is a description of the most popular and effective of these treatments.

Hair Integration

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Some people do not experience complete hair loss. Instead, they suffer partial hair loss due to conditions such as pattern baldness or thinning hair due to capillary debilitation. These patients would benefit from hair integration. It’s non-invasive and localized approach makes it great for those who don’t like the idea of wearing hairpieces.It allows them to add volume and thickness to their look without damaging their natural hair.

Hair integration is strategically adding strands of natural, color-matched hair to the patient’s existing hair. Due to its non-invasive and localized approach, hair integration is also great for those who don’t like the idea of wearing hairpieces but would still want to add volume and thickness to their look. Immediately after its conclusion, the procedure provides clients with a fuller, healthier and younger look. Because of these advantages, the professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics are quick to recommend hair integration to anyone who experiences partial hair loss.

Hair Extensions

Some people are happy with the amount of hair they want but wish it was longer and more exuberant. Luckily for them, our experts offer the latest advancements in hair extensions, and can attach real human hair seamlessly to the already existing hair. This way, it’s possible to treat the new hair just like natural hair. In fact, clients can curl it, color it, flat-iron it and dry it without problems of any kind.

Besides lengthening your hair, hair extensions have various advantages as one of the alternatives to surgical hair replacement. You get the ability to create exciting new looks for limited amounts of time, and you can use them to cover split hairs or dissimulate awkward stages of heir growth. After being used, they can be removed quickly and easily. Clients can even add new and exciting colors to their look within minutes.

Medical Hair Loss Solutions

Apart from the already mentioned procedures, clients can choose to undergo different medical treatments to curb and, in some cases, reverse hair loss. Some of the most popular medical treatments include supplements and topical lotions and creams directly onto the affected areas. Other treatments that have proven effective include those that attempt to lower the patient’s DHT levels. DHT causes hair follicles to shrink, leading to their inability to grow healthy stands of hair.

When considering a treatment of this type, it’s important to take into account that each person has different traits, which means they should be examined by a professional before settling on a course of action. Luckily, Ultimate Hair Dynamics has the best and most prepared people to help you treat your hair loss.

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