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Getting Salty About Hair Loss? Ditch Dietary Salt!

Hair loss is a troubling experience. It can make you angry, anxious and generally insecure. If you are losing your hair, take a look at the amount of salt in your diet.

Too much salt can lead directly to hair loss. A high-sodium diet can eventually cause brittle hair as a result of dehydration. After that, hair can start to fall out. Even worse, an oversupply of sodium can make the blood too acidic, another cause of hair loss. As we have mentioned previously, vitamin A does pretty much the same thing to human hair.

The key is finding the right amount of salt to include in your diet without overdoing it. Salt contains iodine, which helps healthy hair grow properly. Iodized salt is the most common dietary form of iodine. However, levels of iodine in commercial iodized salt have started to plummet. And without enough iodine, you may begin to experience hair loss. It’s vital to keep tabs on your nutritional iodine and sodium levels. This can be done through your primary care physician and a simple blood test.

If you are feeling “salty” about hair loss, maybe it’s time to visit the professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego. For over 30 years, out team has been helping clients in San Diego with their hair restoration needs.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego for Hair Restoration

Keeping an eye on your diet is an essential part of maintaining healthy hair, but so is seeking out the professional help of hair restoration experts. Ultimate Hair Dynamics offers free consultations. We can quickly and accurately assess your hair loss. Armed with that information, we are then able to identify the best treatment plan for your particular situation.

We provide men and women the very best in hair restoration including:

  • Hair integration
  • Hair duplication
  • Micro thickening
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Surgical hair transplantation

These and other forms of treatment are the smartest way to address hair loss. To learn more about your own hair health, schedule a free-consultation with UHD. Call us today at 1-888-886-4247, or book an appointment online!