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You might be wondering what it’s like to lose your hair. Often times, you read hair restoration products discussing the anxiety surround the hair loss process. But what’s it really like? I’d like to introduce you to a man named Paul. For anonymity sake, we’ll not divulge his real name.

Paul started losing his hair in his early twenties. During that time, he didn’t talk to his friends about it. He was dreadfully embarrassed. He’d obsess about how he was inevitably going to lose his hair. Paul would go online and read articles and purchase anything he could that promised hair growth. Unfortunately for Paul, most of these didn’t help.

He also went to his physician. However, his physician only could recommend two treatments. This was using Finasteride and Minoxidil. These are the generics for Propecia and Rogaine. Yet, what Paul didn’t realize, is that not all hair restoration treatments are equal. Some people need specialized treatments.

Paul eventually gave up on his hair loss, thus losing confidence in himself and felt unlike his friends. He lost his youthful energy and zeal. Over time, he became less social. He lost friends.

What Paul should have done is consult the hair restoration experts at Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego for Hair Restoration

The professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics understand that each patient has a unique situation for their hair loss. Sometimes hair loss requires multiple forms of hair restoration. We offer treatments like:

  • Hair restoration
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Hair extensions
  • Surgical hair transplants

Call for a free-consultation at 1-888-886-4247 or book an appointment online. We will be able to assess the extent of your hair loss, and what forms of hair restoration would be able to help you.

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