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Hair Loss Impacts Psychology of Men

If you have been searching for hair loss solutions on the Internet, the majority of products promote that you will ‘regain confidence’ or ‘feel young again’. Much of these claims can seem like they are preying on your insecurities, but in fact, studies show that hair loss in men does impact their psychology.

One example, a 2005 study sampled 1,529 in an over the phone survey. Of the men surveyed, 729 were experiencing hair loss. 70% reported hair as being an important feature of image, while 62% agreed that hair loss could impact self-esteem. 32% of men in non-stable romantic relationships stated they felt less attractive. The study also showed that 22% of the men who were experiencing hair loss even experienced depression.

In this study, the few men who did seek treatment reported an increase in self-esteem by as much as 59%. They also stated an increase in feelings of attractiveness. If you want to experience an increase in confidence and stop worrying about your hair loss, contact Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego. We offer treatments for men who are experiencing hair loss.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics Helps Hair Restoration in Men

From the study provided, it’s clear to see the impact that hair loss can have on men. There’s no denying it. If you are tired of feeling a lack of confidence, take action and improve your hair through hair restoration treatments. The professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help you treat your hair loss through a variety of treatments.

These include:

  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Micro thickening
  • Surgical hair transplantation

Ultimate Hair Dynamics has been treating men and women’s hair loss for over thirty years. We are the experts in San Diego for hair restoration. When you book a free-consultation, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. Our hair restoration experts will be able to determine the extent of your hair loss and what avenues of treatment should be provided. You will know you are in safe hands.

If you want discrete and top of the line treatment for your hair loss, contact Ultimate Hair Dynamics at 1-888-886-4247 or book an appointment online!

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