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Hair Loss Myths Busted

Like any topic, a certain amount of nonfactual information arises and can be passed down generation to generation. This is true with the hair loss process. Today, Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego wants to properly inform you by breaking these hair loss myths.

The Internet is filled with misleading facts on causes of hair loss. That’s probably because hair loss impacts a large portion of the American population. Here are some of the most common myths about hair loss:

Myth 1: Excessive Shampooing Causes Hair Loss

This is largely false. In most cases, excessive shampooing is not a cause for hair loss. Although, if you are allergic to an ingredient in a specific type of shampoo, an allergic reaction could cause you to lose some hair. That is the exception to the majority of the rule. Be sure to read the ingredients in the shampoos you purchase to make sure you will have no adverse reactions.

Myth 2: Wearing a hat will cause hair loss

Once again, this is a myth. Hats are not a primary cause of hair loss in men or women. In fact, wearing a hat could help protect your hair from excessive sun damage. Keeping your head unprotected in the sun could lead to scalp irritation and damaged hair.

Myth 3: Towel Drying Causes Hair Loss

This also is untrue. When towel drying their hair, many people notice strands of hair come out. This is also true with other activities like brushing. Some amount of daily hair loss is normal. Men generally lose 60 to 80 follicles of hair every day. Women generally lose up to 100 strands. Most hair loss is caused by heredity, poor nutrition as well as other conditions. You can learn more on the causes of hair loss here. For those of you that are worried about your hair loss, Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego is here for you offering the best in hair restoration.

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