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Hair loss affects millions of Americans. Many men and women will suffer some form of hair loss throughout their life. Hair loss is a global phenomenon. It’s not just Americans who are trying to stop hair loss. However, some countries utilize hair restoration for other reasons than you would think.


There has been a rise in hair transplantation in Turkey in the past years. People from surrounding countries have been traveling to Turkey to receive hair transplantation. This doesn’t only include hair loss for hair on the scalp. Many Muslim and Arab patients seek restoration on their beard for social and religious reasons.

South Korea

South Koreans also treat hair loss with similar techniques. One growing trend in South Korea is vaginal hair restoration. Some women suffer from pubic atrichosis, a condition that causes hair loss in the pubic area.


Japan puts a lot of research into hair loss solutions. Most recently, a company in Japan began researching a resin like substance used by bees. Propolis showed to have some benefits for hair restoration.

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Ultimate Hair Dynamics, San Diego’s Hair Restoration Experts

As the world begins to embrace hair restoration, so should you. If you are tired of anxiety and low self-esteem because of hair loss, Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego could help. By providing a free-consultation, our hair restoration experts will be able to evaluate the causes of your hair loss and provide treatment options.

These includes hair restoration treatments like:

  • Micro thickening
  • Hair integration
  • Hair duplication
  • Surgical Hair transplants

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