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Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair

Baldness is a topic and situation no man wants anything to do with. Ironically, baldness affects about 73.5% of all men. However, men should cheer up, being bald does not mean your life has to end. By changing how you feel about your lack of hair, you will be able to change how you look…literally. By accepting the challenge of being bald, you can move forward and start finding something that will work for you. There are some styling tricks and hairstyles for men with thinning hair you can use to make your hair loss less noticeable.

Textured Crop

At the first sign of thinning hair, you do not have to shave it all off. Instead, ask your barber for a textured crop. This is one of the best hairstyles for male-pattern baldness because it works exquisitely to mask thinning hair by adding lots of mini layers into an already-short haircut. Plus, it’s a classic, dapper haircut appropriate for almost any guy, balding or not.


Another great way to “fake it” is trying a more modern approach with a messy ‘do. Since thinning hair can look scant, stylized cuts sometimes only serve to emphasize the issue. That’s why going with a haircut that’s purposely unkempt cleverly works to draw attention away from your thinning locks. This is among the hairstyles for male-pattern baldness that conveys a natural, nonchalant attitude about yourself or your thinning hair.

Clean Shave

If you haven’t had any luck with other hairstyles to mask male-pattern baldness, the day may come sooner or later when you will have to grab your clippers and say, “Hasta La Vista, Baby”. A clean shave is a close buzz cut or a straight shave—it completely gets rid of any evidence of hair and ultimately gives you freedom. Going with a close shave shows your courage and acceptance, plus it creates a modernly chic image. Also, everyone remembers the completely bald guy.

Remember fellas, losing your hair definitely doesn’t mean losing your cool and confidence.

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