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Laser Hair Restoration Helmet, a Costly Gamble for Hair Loss Solutions

There are many different forms of hair restoration. Some of these require you to go to a professional and seek treatment. You can use other treatments at home, for instance one of those is a helmet that uses laser technology to stimulate hair growth. Before you go jumping into the ‘future’ using lasers on your scalp, let’s look at some of the downsides of this hair restoration process.

It’s Only for Women

The Theradome is a helmet that contains lasers. It has been approved by the FDA for use only by women, and it is being marketed as a ‘clinical strength restorative laser hair treatment.’

It’s Costly

The Theradome can retail for up to $1000. This makes it a costly treatment to invest in. Even if it is approved by the FDA for men to use in the coming years, how vetted of a product is it? People will be administering a concentrated laser beam to their scalp multiple times a week. What are the side-effects and risks? Is it possible for the machine to malfunction and cause harm if used improperly? We simply don’t know.

It’s Bulky and Time Consuming

Most people like discretion when it comes to hair restoration treatments. Often times, there is a feeling of shame attached to losing one’s hair. The Theradome is not discrete. It is a bulky helmet you have to wear for up to 20 minutes per session, twice a week. If you live alone, this could seem like a small amount of time, but if you live with people, you might get some stares.

If you want a discrete and effective hair restoration service that is overseen by professional, don’t invest in a laser helmet. Come see the professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego. We have provided over thirty years of hair restoration treatments to women AND men, so come learn how Ultimate Hair Dynamics could help you treat your hair loss!

Ultimate Hair Dynamics, Hair Restoration for San Diego

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This includes hair restoration treatments like:

  • Hair restoration
  • Non-surgical hair transplants
  • Surgical Hair transplantation

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