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A study, recently presented at a meeting for the American Association for Cancer Research in Philadelphia, PA, showed possible links to male pattern baldness and prostate cancer. The study analyzed research information of 4,000 men between the ages of 25 to 74. It then categorized the men in stages of hair loss like minimal to no balding, moderate balding and severe balding after they were examined by a dermatologist.

The study also found that men who had any degree of baldness were 56 percent more likely to die from prostate cancer than men who were not suffering any degree of hair loss. This was based on examining a 21 year period of time. The study also found that those categorized with moderate balding were 83 percent more likely to die from prostate cancer than those without any balding.

There were no links associated to increased fatality for those with severe balding. The increased risk in development of prostate cancer could be linked to the excess hormones in men who have male pattern baldness. This correlated with the researcher’s initial hypothesis that a shared biological process affect both prostate cancer as well as baldness.

This study stresses the importance of seeking medical help for baldness in men. Whether you are experiencing hereditary hair loss or hair loss caused that could be medically related, it is beneficial to seek an experts opinion.

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