Medical Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Losing your hair can be a traumatic experience, especially for women. There is no need to suffer in silence. The dedicated hair professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics have experience in creating solutions to major hair loss due to medical treatments or health issues.

A number of health and medical issues can cause balding or thinning of hair in women. It can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause. Many women have some degree of hair loss and often don’t know where to turn for solutions. Hair loss is not an easy thing for most people to discuss.

If hair loss is affecting you or someone you love, there are options. The experts at Ultimate Hair Dynamics have the tools and knowledge to make you feel whole again.

Various treatment options

Medical issues can leave behind many emotional and physical scars. The way we look affects our self-esteem and self-image. Female hair restoration has seen much advancement in the last few decades. Now there are a number of effective treatments available for sufferers of hair loss.

Hair integration is a process of integrating real hair with your own existing hair. This is a common choice for women who have 20 percent to 50 percent hair loss. Hair integration creates density and volume to thinning areas.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics also offers hair extensions for women who want to add length and volume to their own hair. We use the latest techniques and highest quality human hair to create a look to meet your needs. Our extensions can be colored, flat ironed and blow dried.

Hair duplication is a great option for women suffering from mild or severe hair loss. You’ll look like you have a full head of healthy hair when the treatment is completed. Woman who choose this option can sleep, swim and shower confidently.

Personalized Treatment from Ultimate Hair Dynamics

Every treatment we perform is catered exclusively for our patients. Our staff will work with you to find the best solution for your situation. We provide our clients with a private experience personalized for them.

If you suffer from thinning hair or balding as a result of medical treatment, Ultimate Hair Dynamics has the tools and knowledge to make you feel like yourself again. Schedule a consultation find out what option is best for you.

Before & After Medical Hair Loss