Hair loss is a common occurrence among men, young and old, no one is in the clear from experiencing hair loss. It can cause loss in self-confidence and make people feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Ultimate Hair Dynamics provides hair loss solutions tailored to your concerns and circumstances.

With a range of hair replacement treatments available, the choice can seem endless and confusing. We can provide the best advice to simply and effectively guide you to the best hair restoration solution to suit your needs. One of our specialist hair loss consultants will talk you through the whole process.

They’ll create a personal treatment plan that includes the best hair restoration option for you and the results you can realistically expect.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Treatments

We recognize that today’s busy work—life balance is the priority and that, regardless of age, race, gender or style, an active life places extra demands on the ability of the solution to deliver results, quickly, efficiently and economically.

Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions will stand up to the closest scrutiny and, because we can phase the treatment, it can appear as if your own hair has regrown over a period of time — short or long — it’s up to you we ensure you are always happy with the results.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Simply put, hair transplant surgery involves taking a strip of hair from where you have more than you need and putting it where you need it most. Dominant hair follicles are essentially extracted from the back of the head, an area of permanent hair known as the “donor” area or site, and inserted into the balding or thinning areas of the scalp called the “recipient” area.

A hair transplant can be carried out in the early stages of hair loss, when the hair is just starting to thin, or in the later stages when baldness is more apparent. Either way, it is essential that the hair loss pattern is established before surgery is undertaken. Patients are given independent advice as to their options; the decision to proceed surgery is that of the patient.

To find out more, book a consultation and come talk to one of our specialist hair loss consultants. We’ll talk you through the process and then we’ll invite you to a free consultation with one of our hair transplant surgeons.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics understands not only how hair loss adversely affects a person’s life but also how to provide a solution.

There are hair loss treatments for every hair loss condition, and taking the first steps to dealing with your hair loss can be difficult — which is why we offer FREE, confidential and no obligation consultation. Your first one-on-one consultation will be with one of our specialist hair loss consultants who will discuss and advise which hair loss solution is best for you in one of our comfortable, private treatment rooms designed with your comfort in mind.

Let us help you find the way back to feeling like yourself again — be confident again.