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3 Natural Alternatives to Surgical Hair Replacement (That Look Amazing!)

Since the earliest times of recorded history, people of all ages have worried about their hair. Without a doubt, hair is something that is heavily engrained in our self-image and our sense of self-worth. Until not so long ago, people had no way to reverse baldness or provide any type of credible disguise for it, outside of a wig. Luckily, those times are gone.

Thanks to modern science, today’s men and women have various options for having a head full of hair. Transforming people’s lives, there are new advancements in the field every day. Some of the most popular methods, like hair implants, are done through surgical intervention. However, there are many people that, for different reasons, do not want to be surgically intervened. Luckily for them, there are natural alternatives to surgical hair replacement. Up next we will discuss some of the most efficient ones.

Hair Integration

Hair Integration by Ultimate Hair Dynamics

Thanks to experts like Ultimate Hair Dynamics, those who suffer from pattern baldness, patchiness or thinning hair can now benefit from this unbelievable technique. Designed for women who still have some of their natural hair, hair integration is a wonderful alternative to surgical hair replacement San Diego hair experts love.

Instead of replacing all of a patient’s hair, this method adds strands of real, color-matched hair to the precise areas where it is needed. They are attached to the scalp with a mesh covering that’s custom shaped and precisely fitted. The additional hair is attached to the covering in a way that allows it to seamlessly blend with the woman’s natural hair.

One of the reasons many women love this method is that it allows secure and continuous use throughout the day. By securely combining itself with a woman’s natural hair, it allows an active lifestyle in a way no hairpiece can. This makes hair integration perfect for women who want to enhance their hair without completely replacing it.

Hair Extensions

There are women who do not suffer from baldness, but still wish they had longer and fuller hair. Luckily, professionals offer hair extensions, a method that consists in attaching real high-quality hair to a woman’s natural hair, adding to its length. Because of its superior feel and look, experts like Ultimate Hair Dynamics use only Russian and European Remy hair. The result is longer and fuller hair that looks real and spectacular without any type of high-maintenance.

Apart from augmenting the length and volume of a woman’s hair, hair extensions have other advantages that make them one of the most required treatments. One of them is their ability to cover split ends, resulting in perfect hair from beginning to end. Since they can be quickly and easily replaced, another advantage of extensions is that they allow women to change styles and color often without worrying too much about it. The best part is that, while a person look’s great using hair extensions, they can grow their real hair underneath without worrying about it until it has reached the perfect size.

Micro Thickening

People who still have their hair but want a fuller look can benefit enormously from micro thickening, a non-surgical procedure that hair professionals like Ultimate Hair Dynamics were quick to adopt. This technique relies on the use of cyberhair, a cutting-edge artificial fiber that has revolutionized the market because of its durability, uniformity, lightness and softness. Apart from this useful attributes, cyberhair has a body and lift indistinguishable from natural hair. It even has an uncanny power for memory retention, making it easy and practical to stylize.

Microthickening by Ultimate Hair Dynamics

Microthickening by Ultimate Hair Dynamics

Micro thickening consists in the integration of four cyberhairs onto one single strand of natural hair. This attachment is done using a micro knot that’s, at the same time, tiny and resistant, resulting in added strands that look, feel and behave exactly like natural growing hair. In order to guarantee naturality and safety, the knotting technique also makes the use of glues, heat, bonds and chemicals completely unnecessary.

Using the person’s own hair without causing it any kind of distress, micro thickening is the perfect hair replacement alternative for people who still want to keep their natural hair. It allows up to 600 additional strands of hair, enough to fill out those balding spots, achieving a full look. In addition to being quick, easy and painless, the biggest advantage micro thickening has is evenly distributing hair across the entire scalp.

Other Natural Treatments

There are various other natural options for people who either are not convinced enough to undergo more drastic procedures. However, it’s important to note that these options have proven to produce varying results according to many different factors.

Of course, there are lotions, shampoos and other such products that are capable of stimulating the growth of new hair. Some of these can be purchased over the counter, while others can only be acquired with a prescription. Unfortunately, many of these products have shown to have negative side-effects on many people.

Many hair doctors are fond of using laser treatments on their patients to incentivize and stimulate hair growth. In theory, using a low-grade laser directly on the scalp would stimulate hair follicles and blood flow in a positive way. However, this procedure can be quite expensive, and it’s not guaranteed to produce results on all patients. Notably, many people abstain from it because of possible side-effects.


Today, there are many viable alternatives to surgical hair replacement. While the classic treatments remain useful to some people, their efficacy is not guaranteed. On the other hand, there are a few modern treatments and techniques that guarantee positive results quickly and painlessly. Among the alternatives to surgical hair replacement San Diego experts prefer are hair integration, hair extension and micro thickening. None of them focus on re-growing lost natural hair, but rather on adding high-quality, realistic looking hair that’s either natural or artificial. The reason many men and women prefer this approach is that it ensures quick, easy and painless results.


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