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New use for Caffeine Could Prevent Hair Loss

New use for Caffeine Could Prevent Hair Loss

Caffeine is universally known as the go-to morning pick me up. It’s found in soda, tea, coffee and now shampoo!

Dr. Adolf Klenk, a German scientist who is an expert in the field of hair loss, found that hair care products infused with caffeine could help prevent hair loss. When applied to the head, caffeine strengthens the hair root. A stronger root could help secure the follicles from falling out because of genetic hair loss. Klenk and the Dr. Wolff Group, a leading cosmeceutical institution, has been designing hair care products infused with caffeine.

There has been anecdotal evidence that has shown caffeine could help regrow hair, but Klenk and the Wolff group do not promise their products will regrow hair. They only advertise that it could help prevent hair loss. Klenk recently visited South Africa to discuss the development of his new products.

Dr. Klenk stressed that some caffeine shampoos and conditioners can make the hair feel greasy. They have high doses of caffeine, which saturate the hair. The Wolff Group has been working on shampoos that have a lower concentration of caffeine, but it is unclear when or where they will be available.

Now with that information, if you are worried about hair loss, you could look for shampoos and conditioners that contain caffeine to prevent hair loss. If you are already experiencing hair loss, and would like a more proactive solution, you should visit the professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. We provide the most up to date hair restoration techniques for the San Diego area.

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