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How We Helped Irving

I tried everything, from styling products to make my hair look thicker, to different hairstyles and partings. Nothing worked.

I couldn’t cover it up anymore. It was obvious to everyone around me that I was trying to hide my hair loss. I had two options: accept the situation or change it.

Time To Take Action…

As soon as I had my first appointment at Ultimate Hair Dynamics, I felt much more positive and knew almost instantly that they would be able to help me with my problem.

I thought about the procedure for a good couple of weeks after that. I searched on the internet for information to make sure I really knew what was involved and went over lots of questions in my head: am I able to get natural, comfortable, and great looking hair with non-surgical hair replacement? How long does non-surgical hair replacement last?

After taking all of this into consideration I decided to go ahead with the treatment. Now, I feel as though I have got control back over my life. Of course it hasn’t changed me as a person or my personality in any way, I’m still me, but it has completely transformed how I feel about myself on the inside, how I hold and present myself on the outside and my ability to feel completely comfortable in my own skin.

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    Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
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    Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
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    Irvin with thinning hair on top of his head