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Did you know not everyone goes bald the same way when experiencing hair loss? There are several types of patterns when it comes to hair loss. Today, we’ll look at these types and their severity.

Type 1: This is at both the front and back of the scalp. It progresses in the form of a receding hair line. It also involves the thinning of hair on the crown of the head. Depending on the stage, you may be at different severity of hair loss.

Type 2: Type 2 is balding from front to back. It begins as a receding hair line. If it continues to become more severe, pushing the entire hairline back simultaneously, it will end up all the way towards the back of the crown.

Type 3: Type 3 starts with the balding of the crown. The circumference slowly widens and can turn to complete baldness towards the front of the head. It works back to front, the front being the last area to lose hair.

Type 4: Type for works from the middle, at the mid-part and works its way towards the sides. Slowly the mid-part starts thinning outwards towards the sides of the head, and can lead to total baldness.

Type 5: Type 5 pushes the sides of the hair line back, while sometimes leaving a small patch in the front. Eventually, that fades away to complete baldness.

Luckily, there is treatment for types of thinning hair. In San Diego, Ultimate Hair Dynamics helps men and women treat their hair loss. Learn how Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help you.

Hair Restoration from Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego

Hair restoration helps treat the symptoms of hair loss. Ultimate Hair Dynamics offers you hair restoration services. Schedule a free consultation, and one of our hair restoration experts will assess the type of hair loss you are experiencing and offer a plan of treatment.

These include services like:

  • Micro thickening
  • Hair integration
  • Hair duplication
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Surgical hair transplantation

These as well as other hair loss solutions could be the treatment you need to get fuller looking hair. Contact Ultimate Hair Dynamics today to learn how we can help your hair loss in San Diego.

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