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Resin Created by Honey Bees Could Help Hair Loss

A recent study done by scientists in Japan found that a resin substance in honey combs helped grow hair in mice. Propolis, the active resin like substance made by honey bees in the honey comb, helped stimulate the mice’s hair growth. The researchers were from the Hakkaido University in Japan.

Propolis has anti-inflammatory properties which the researcher’s believe to cause the growth of hair. It is also believed to have anti-tumor and proliferative properties. When introduced to the mice topically, Propolis was found to help aid in the growth of keratinocytes, the cells that are components in the hair shaft.

It is still uncertain whether or not Propolis could help hair loss in humans. Especially since there are many causes for hair loss. Some of which are not due to inflammation. For instance, male pattern baldness is due to a release of testosterone that shuts down the hair follicles. More research will have to be done to determine if Propolis can be used by humans.

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