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Just like any cycle, the hair growth cycle has multiple components that work to help your hair. One of the foundations to healthy hair is how you treat your scalp. Unfortunately, the scalp can become dry or oily, which is potentially harmful to your hair. Today, we’ll discuss options to make sure you are helping to protect your scalp from damage.

Keeping it out of the sun

One of the biggest threats to your scalp is damage from the sun. This can lead to skin damage, which could cause your scalp to flake. You can prevent this by using a spray on sun screen, or wearing a hat when you know you’ll have long periods of exposure to the sun.


Dry scalp can make your hair brittle, which could potentially lead to hair loss. It also can lead to unwanted dandruff. You can prevent this by making sure you are using hydrating products like shampoo, conditioner and serums. This will help your scalp remain balanced.


Just like your face, the scalp is skin. It needs to be properly exfoliated. This can help break up oil and allow blood flow to reach the surface, which helps hair growth.

Be sure to learn what type of skin you have, as this will impact what type of products you should be using on your scalp. Certain shampoos can worsen the condition of your scalp. If you are experiencing oily scalp or dryness, you may want to look into new products.

For those that are experiencing hair loss, you should consider hair restoration therapy. There are many methods that can help your hair look fuller and natural. In San Diego, Ultimate Hair Dynamics offers men and women hair restoration treatments. Learn how Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help your hair loss.

Hair Restoration with Ultimate Hair Dynamics

San Diego residents who are losing their hair, come speak with the hair restoration experts at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. Your first consultation is free of charge. We will be able to assess your hair loss and provide avenues of treatment to reduce the signs of thinning hair and even give the appearance of fuller hair. These include treatments like:

  • Hair extensions
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Hair restoration

These and other options might be the perfect solution for your hair loss. Contact us today to learn how we can help your hair loss in San Diego.

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