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Side-effects May Include… Hair Loss

When thinking about hair loss, people often assume heredity or dietary reasons. One culprit of hair loss could be medications you are prescribed. Today lets take a look at medications that commonly cause hair loss.


Certain types of steroids can cause hair loss. Often times, these are used to strengthen a part of the body. This can include lung functions as well as other body functions. Sadly, while helping certain parts of the body, using steroids could impact the health of your hair.


Depression impacts many people. One treatment, besides therapy, is using anti-depressants like Serotonin Secretion Inhibitors. These boost the production of Serotonin in the brain. This helps battle certain symptoms of depression. Unfortunately, the boost in your brain chemistry could lead to loss in your hair.

Beta Blockers

These are medications that help treat hypertension and symptoms like high blood pressure. Just like the other medications on our list, Beta Blockers could create hair loss.

Like any medication, not everyone experiences the same side-effects. You may not experience hair loss while taking these medications. Never abruptly cease taking medication before consulting your doctor. This could result in medical complications that could be fatal.

Prior to taking any medication, consult with your doctors and pharmacists about possible side-effects. Research the likeliness you will experience such a side-effect like hair loss. Often times, hair loss created by medications isn’t permanent.

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