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Study Finds Cell Signal Pathway that Can Regenerate Hair

Researchers at John Hopkins have discovered a cell signal pathway in mammals that can regenerate hair and skin while healing from wounds. The researchers believe that the finding from the study could help people regrow hair and skin damaged by scarring in the future.

The work was based off the knowledge that damaged skin releases double stranded RNA (dsRNA). This is then sensed by toll like receptor 3(TLR3). During wounding, this activates IL6 and STAT3 which promote hair follicle regeneration. TLR3 additionally activates Wnt and Shh which help hair development.

During the study, the researcher’s protein expressions of certain genes during the healing process of two groups of mice. One group had the ability for wound-hair neogenesis because of a genetic proficiency, while the other did not. TLR3 was three times higher in the mice that were genetically proficient. The knowledge of these pathways could help lead to therapies that promote healing by reactivating these pathways.

This could be great news for those who have experienced hair loss from some form of scarring. Certain types of wounds like burns and scars from surgery can cause hair to be patchy. It will be interesting to see how this science is used in the future.

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