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Tips for Women on Styling Thinning Hair

Tips for Women on Styling Thinning Hair

Finding the right ‘look’ can take a lot of time and experimentation. We go online, scrolling through images of hair trends we think we desire. Then we book our appointment with a stylist, only to find out that our hair has limitations. We are then left disappointed and filled with anxiety. This is often the case for women with thinning hair. It is hard to know what will work best when you are not a trained professional. Today we will address some tips you can use to better style thinning hair, and offer advice on achieving fuller, thicker hair.

Go to a Stylist Experienced with Thinning Hair

When you go to a doctor, you want to get the best care. The same should be true for picking your stylist. Not all hair is the same. You want to choose a stylist who knows how to work with thinning hair. When shopping around new salons, simply ask the receptionist if they have a stylist who specializes in working with thinning hair. Some may and some may not, but ultimately you will get better service and a better look by taking that extra time to research and make an informed decision.

Know Your Part

Whenever you go to a stylist, they will always ask you where you like to part your hair. That is because they want to cut with your part in mind. That means, take the time to experiment with what part looks best. This will better determine the style of cut you will get.

Avoid Layers in the Back

Layers can seem fun and edgy, but ultimately you are taking away from the hair you have. By adding layers in the back, you are further thinning the hair you want to keep. A stylist might recommend this, but in terms of fullness, it will be counterproductive.

Be Blunt with Your Cut

Yes, try a blunt cut. It may seem boring, but it could actually help your hair appear longer and fuller.

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