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As you may know, there are many types of hair loss. Some more well-known types are caused by heredity or male pattern baldness. However, there are other ways you may be losing your hair that you may be unaware of. Today, Ultimate Hair Dynamics will examine ways to identify other types of hair loss.

Poor Dietary Choices

Unhealthy eating can cause many unwanted results in your body. For instance, eating too much fat can create problems for your cardiovascular system. Blood flow is a vital part of the hair growth process. When blood flows to the scalp, it promotes an environment that allows hair to grow. Getting a standard blood test will allow you to learn your body’s deficiencies. These can include iron, zinc, B vitamins, D vitamins, protein and hydration.

Health Risks

Outside of your poor diet, poor health can cause hair loss. There are many conditions that can result in hair loss. Some of these include thyroid conditions, types of psoriasis, as well as large quantities of stress.

Bad Styling

Yes, the way you style your hair can account for some hair loss. For instance, using heated instruments that are too hot may burn and damage your hair, which can lead to some hair loss. Using too much tension on your hair in tight buns too can cause the follicles to become damaged and pulled out.

To fully understand the types of hair loss and what you are experiencing, you should see a hair restoration professional. In San Diego, Ultimate Hair Dynamics provides men and women with expert hair restoration services. Learn how Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help your hair loss.

San Diego’s Hair Restoration Experts, For all Types of Hair Loss

By scheduling a free-consultation, Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help you achieve a better looking head of hair. Our professionals in hair restoration will evaluate the extent of your hair loss, find the reasoning behind your hair loss and offer paths of treatment. These include services like:

  • Hair extensions
  • Micro thickening
  • Hair duplication
  • Hair integration
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Surgical hair transplantation

These as well as other treatments could be the solution you need for your hair loss. Contact us today to learn how we can help your hair restoration needs in San Diego.

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