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Hair Facts: Strange Things you may not Know

Hair can sometimes be weird, and we’re not just talking about the styles. Here are a few weird hair facts you might not know:

Hair Fact #1: Hair grows slightly faster in warm weather

Warm weather speeds up the hair growth slightly. That’s because heat stimulates circulation, which pushes blood into the scalp and encourages hair growth. Remember to cover up from the sun though. UV rays can damage your scalp.

Hair Fact #2: Hair is the Second Fastest Growing Tissue in the Body

The first is bone marrow. Luckily, this means if you cut your hair and have unsatisfactory results, it will start growing back quickly.

Hair Fact #3: Pluck One Hair, Grow Another

As soon as hair is plucked from your scalp, a new one begins to grow. Hair fall occurs during the last phase of the hair cycle. When a hair is plucked prematurely, the body’s natural reaction is to restart the hair cycle.

Hair Fact #4: Goosebumps Are Caused by Hair

Technically, goosebumps, the raised skin associated with cold and fear, are created when the hair follicles contract. The hair and surrounding skin then bunch up.

Hair Fact #5: Hair Restoration Can Help Hair Loss

When you begin to lose your hair, because of nutrient deficiencies as well as other reasons, hair restoration can restore your hair, preventing further hair loss.

In San Diego, Ultimate Hair Dynamics offers expert hair restoration treatments for men and women. Learn how Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help your hair loss.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego for Hair Restoration

Tired of losing your hair? Hair loss can be a weird process. One year you have a full head of luscious locks, and then the next you are thinning away. It makes you frustrated and confused. Why you? It doesn’t have to affect you any longer. By visiting Ultimate Hair Dynamics, San Diego’s hair restoration experts, you can start eliminating the signs of hair loss.

We provide hair restoration services like:

  • Micro thickening
  • Hair integration
  • Hair duplication
  • Medical hair loss solutions
  • Hair transplantation

These as well as other forms of hair restoration can help treat your hair loss. Contact us today to schedule a free-consultation and learn how Ultimate Hair Dynamics can help you.

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