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There has been a lot of research in the world of hair restoration and hair loss prevention. Some of it intentional, while others are surprise discoveries. That’s the topic of today’s study.

While testing anti-inflammatory drugs on mice, a researcher from Spain saw extra fur growth on the mice. Macrophages were the cause, which derive from white blood cells called monocytes. These are produced by the body’s immune system to fight off infection and clear dead skin cells.

The research occurred at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre. The macrophages activated nearby stem cells, which helped the hair growth. Stems cells have continued to be studied for their hair growth properties. Though the research was done on mice, they believe this could benefit humans.

Like many hair restoration possibilities, much of the research being done is still in its infancy stage. There has yet to be a cure all for people losing their hair. However, advances are being made in hair restoration treatments.

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Hair Restoration Services from Ultimate Hair Dynamics.

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