Long, short, straight or wavy — your hair and how you wear it is a big part of your personality. That’s why female hair loss is such a distressing condition. You can lose confidence in your looks and even feel too embarrassed to enjoy activities like going swimming or to the gym.

At Ultimate Hair Dynamics, we have been aware for some time that our industry has been neglecting women, leaving those who want to maintain the appearance of a full head of hair with little choice but to accept the old-fashion hair replacement solution of inflexible synthetic wig.

This is no longer acceptable. We are compassionate and understanding towards women who are experiencing female pattern hair thinning or hair loss. We understand, that whilst men can find hair loss frustrating and overwhelming, for women it can weigh down their self-conscience and overall wellbeing. At Ultimate Hair Dynamics, we have individualized hair restoration solutions for women suffering from varying degrees of hair loss.

Hair Integration

Hair integration is the perfect choice for women with 20 — 50% hair loss. It can be combined with your own hair to fill in areas of need. This method is highly effective for female pattern hair loss. An integration can be adapted for extended wear or daily wear depending on your needs.

Hair Duplication

Our Ultimate Hair Duplication process is perfect for women who are suffering from mild to severe hair loss. It allows you to regain the appearance of full healthy looking hair.

Hair Duplication is perfect for those who want hair 24/7 . Sleep, swim, and shower with confidence and security.

Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions are the perfect choice for women who want to add length and fullness to their own hair. Using the highest quality human hair and a unique installation techniques, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair like most methods.

We use high quality all natural European and Russian Remy Hair that can be colored, flat ironed, or blow dried. You will be amazed by how comfortable and natural these extensions are!

If you have noticed you are losing hair or seeing your hair thinning, take the first step by booking a free consultation with one of Ultimate Hair Dynamic’s specialist hair loss consultants to diagnose your hair loss problem and develop a solution just for you.

Your first one-on-one consultation will be with one of our specialist hair loss consultants who will discuss and advise which hair loss solution is best for you in one of our comfortable, private treatment rooms designed with your comfort in mind.

Let us help you find the way back to feeling like yourself again — be confident again.