Where can I start with all the gratitude and blessing I owe you and the entire staff at UHD? As a women, as you can imagine is completely devastating to go through hair loss. I thought something was wrong with me, that this doesn’t happen to women, only men. Aside from your staff being so well informed and educated with hair loss, they helped me realize that this “IS” common for women to go through. Sad reality to face, but as one of the consultants helped me realize, the option is available to help get my looks back without surgery. They are so concerned with making you feel so comfortable and actually caring about you. Never did I feel pressured or rushed, I felt at ease from the beginning to the end. Women at times feel so embarrassed and we feel like we lose our glory as a woman when one loses their hair. Let me tell, I not only have my glory back, but I feel I have my entire life back in my control. Not the other way around like it used to control me. I now feel great, secure, confident and most importantly, I feel ALIVE!!! Thank you to all the staff for your continued support and continued success of making all of us feelings and looking wonderful. UHD is truly a blessing, and now I understand why this company continues to grow. I wish you all the continued growth and success.

Sincerely with lots of love,
Vivian Wilson

Dear UHD,
Wow, for starters, I am a woman in her early thirties that has been a non-surgical client for 4 years now. The original company I started with went out of business, so I’ve been bouncing through several places because I travel so much, especially to San Diego and Las Vegas. So needless to say, I’m looking forward to your new locations that will be opening up soon throughout the U.S. I have tried Hair Club, but with their SUPER High prices and very poor service that I received I couldn’t continue going there anymore. At Ultimate Hair Dynamics, they make you feel like they actually care about you, plus extremely affordable prices would bring a smile to anyone’s face. I was shocked with how low their prices are, especially when you compare the high quality product that you get. Now I realize why these other companies lose their clients month after month and have such high turn-over with their stylists. Thank you so much to the entire staff at Ultimate Hair Dynamics. A million times, thank you! You make me not only look beautiful, but you let me know there is a company that does care, is not greedy and truly does care about us!

Kylie S.

To anyone suffering with thinning HAIR,
I am a ex club member who has thinning hair over my whole head. I was a client with this nationally known company for 5 years who led me to believe they were the only company in existence that provided the options that they offered. I was never completely satisfied with the way my new hair looked and always felt like a number versus a client until a friend of mine told me about Ultimate Hair Dynamics where her sister and mother have been going for years. I have met her family on several occasions and would have never guessed that they too had hair loss issues like me. I decided to go in for a free consultation and was impressed with the way I was treated right from the time arrived from the front desk and all the way through to the consultation. They had so many more options that I could choose from where the company that I was so loyal for so many years never gave me options and choices. I have been with UHD now for 11 months and have been so happy with my results. I wish I would have found them years ago. My family and friends tell me I never looked so good since making the move to Ultimate Hair Dynamics My advice to any women considering hair restoration is go in and meet with Ultimate Hair and explore all the options available to you. To everyone else I would tell you that UHD has changed my life in so many ways and even though they are not a big national company, they will treat you with exceptional service and quality results. Thank you Ultimate Hair Dynamics for giving me back my crown and glory. Your staff has exceeded my expectations.

Thanks UHD!
Susan T.