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Healthy hair is often a result of overall health. That said, what you’re consuming on a daily basis might be impacting your hair’s health and your body’s reaction to hair loss. Today, we will examine the way your nutrition may impact your hair loss.

Protein is a vital nutrient that is a building block for growth in our bodies. This is true with hair as well. Keratin helps strengthen the structure of our hair follicles. That said, too much protein could put stress on the kidneys and liver. This could lead to a flaky scalp, which when excessively scratched at, could lead to hair breakage. A general rule of thumb is around between 65 grams of protein for men or 55 grams of protein for women.

Certain fats are vital for our hair’s health. Eating items like fish or nuts is important. These help your hairs’ overall health, as well as fortifying the follicle during development. Other types of nuts may also help with your hair like almonds or walnuts.

Try avoiding certain foods that are high in salt or Vitamin A, as these can lead to toxicity in the body which may impact your skin’s health. This could aid in shedding of your hair leading to hair loss.

As part of a well-rounded treatment of hair loss, be sure to consult a nutritionist about your diet. In addition, you should come see the professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego. We will be able to offer solutions to treat your hair loss. Learn how UHD in San Diego could help you restore your hair and combat hair loss.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego for Healthy Hair

When you come visit the professionals at Ultimate Hair Dynamics in San Diego, we will be able to examine the causes of your hair loss while offering solutions to slow the progression while promoting hair growth. You can schedule a free-consultation by calling us at 1-888-886-4247 or booking an appointment online. One of our hair restoration experts will inform you about some of our hair restoration treatments like:

  • Hair integration
  • Hair extensions
  • Micro thickening
  • Non-surgical hair transplants
  • Surgical hair transplantation

Book an appointment online to see how we may help you in San Diego with your hair loss. See why we have become one of the best options in San Diego for hair loss solutions for over thirty years.

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